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Kurtofsky is my otp ♥

 Gorilla Gram(s)

Geoff Ramsey, a loving husband and father, attempts to watch the Dead Island Announcement Trailer.

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piratesinthetardis replied to your post “Another amazing fic deleted from ff.net.”

Which kurtofsky fic got deleted?

It was called Coffee With Karofsky, and the Sequel (also gone) is called All I Want.


how many episodes was that character in, you ask???
not as many as they deserve
not enough to satisfy me

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plot twist: michaela opens up about her relationship woes to laurel. laurel suggests her fiance might be bisexual, and michaela is like what so laurel tells her more about it and openly challenges some of the stigmas and stereotypes. michaela and aiden discuss it. they feel secure in their engagement and proper apologies and promises are made between them. connor makes a rude jab at michaela again. michaela is like lmao you are not a threat to me anymore. connor is bitter. whines about it to oliver who reminds him he was being a douche. bam. problems resolved.

Connor snakily tries to sew more discord:  He says that there’s no such thing as bisexuality, don’t be so naive—-
Laurel gives him a poisonous glare: “Oh really?  Well it will interest you to know that I’m bisexual, and I think you’re an insufferable prick.”

Wes cocks his head and chimes in: “Me too. I mean about the bisexual thing.  Though you are a prick.”

Straight-guy McGee says “Whoa, seems like you and me are the only ones who can make up our minds about anything, right?  Ha ha, high five!  Connor is humiliated and brought low.

Connor gripes about the whole situation to Oliver, who totally takes him to task for being a disgusting person who would out his friend and try to break up a marriage out of spite.  ”You know what, I think I wanna be alone tonight. Don’t call me.”

Connor realizes how much he’s fucked up and he apologizes to Aiden and to Michaela and grows up a little as a person.

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Another amazing fic deleted from ff.net.

sebastiansaurusrex replied to your post “I’d like to thank pumpkin spice bagels for being a part of my life.”

omg same, i’ve eaten three today already. I can’t STOP

They’re super addicting.

starkurt replied to your post: I’m so fucking tired, what is going on…

oh god, I feel you! I went to the walk the other day, and the next day I was completely sore. It’s about a 2.5 mile walk round trip, and I usually do it (and hiking) all the time without an issue. But lately my body is just rejecting it :/

I even wore my good walking shoes too. :p But then I realize I didn’t have any coffee today so that might be a contributing factor. 

I’m so fucking tired, what is going on…

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I think the people who work at sonic forgot about me.

I’d like to thank pumpkin spice bagels for being a part of my life.

fish heads
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"it was meant to be"

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